Bicknell Cycle Route

Bicknell Cycle Route is a sports-tourist route that develops into a loop from the Mediterranean coast into the hinterland of the Maritime and Ligurian Alps, straddling Italy and France.

Inspired by the explorations of Clarence Bicknell, an English botanist from the late 19th century who chose Bordighera as his place of residence, this route is more than just a classic path, it's a real journey through space and time, through places visited and described in this innovative scientist's great research work.

Starting from Bordighera, through a train approach along the Ventimiglia, Breil-Sur-Roya, Tende route, the route takes bikers to the peaks of the Roya Valley and then continues towards the surroundings of Casterino and the Valley of Wonders. Afterwards, the journey continues through the villages of La Brigue, Triora, Molini di Triora, Bajardo to reach the heights of Sanremo, from where it finally returns to Bordighera through the Montenero hiking network.

The route has a shorter variation that connects from Passo Sanson to Colla Langan. This is a more winding path that runs along the sides of the Pietravecchia, Toraggio and Cima Marta mountains, excluding the descent to Triora and the Argentina Valley.

LENGTH > 150 km


ALTITUDE > 4.800 mt + | 5.600 mt -


Bicknell Cycle Route

+ How to get

Departure from Bordighera

+ Equipment

Mountain-bike and e-bike

+ Advice

Recommended for a public with a decent level of fitness and sufficient technical ability to handle a bicycle. Given the nature of the route, it is advised to divide the experience into multiple days, with a first stop in Tenda or Casterino and a second stop in Triora or Molini di Triora for those less fit. To receive the maximum satisfaction from this adventure, it is recommended to have the support of a professional cycling-tourist guide, who can advise you on the best way to plan visits to the different cultural and historical attractions, as well as an effective and complete tour plan. This route can also be traveled with a gravel bike, but some sections have a certain degree of difficulty for this type of bike, so alternative roads are recommended.