Bordighera Blu Park

Since the 19th century, Bordighera has been known for the thousand shades of blue of its sea, colors that fascinated Monet and challenged him to capture the same light on canvas. Every year, many tourists choose the beaches of Bordighera, attracted by the same beauty, but how many truly know our sea? 

Bordighera Blu Park narrates the richness of the coastal marine environment to help understand the reasons for its centrality in all our lives. The project protects, preserves, and enhances Capo Sant’Ampelio, with its rich biodiversity, I Tuvi, an underwater area about 30 m deep, particularly affected by various types of waste, and Le Bianche, a deep zone accessible only to expert divers, distinguished by the presence of wonderful rare species.

Until 2025, the project will be committed to recovering, protecting, and promoting the knowledge of these ecosystems, so that Bordighera can become an example of sustainable management.