A Heretical Perspective on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was born more than 50 years ago and has had a huge explosion in recent years, producing several very important results in a purely scientific environment that may be little known to the general public.

Current AI research is being conducted by large groups with dozens of highly qualified and well-paid people. These groups produce important results in ever shorter times.

One field where highly desirable and important results are expected is the medical field, particularly in the reporting of exams (CT, MRIs, ultrasounds...). AI will also allow surgeons to rely not only on their personal experience but also on that of their colleagues, even hundreds and thousands.

But what is behind AI? Is there a core of "intelligent" thought, or is there only the ability to handle an enormous amount of data? How different is AI from human intelligence, and how does its development help us understand human intelligence? Are there any dangers in the development of AI?

Next Friday in Irene's Garden at Sasso, we will try to answer these questions in a simple and understandable way, adopting a heretical approach. The speakers have all worked in this field for several decades.

Presenters: Annalisa Barl and Alessandro Verri 

Event organized by the president of the Irene Brin association, Prof. Vincent Torre.

WHERE > Irene Brin Garden - Sasso di Bordighera

WHEN > 14 June 2024

HOURS > 18.00

Info Family-friendly event

Contacts Ufficio di Informazione e Accoglienza Turistica IATVia Vittorio Emanuele 172, presso i Giardini del Palazzo del Parco