È tutto un'illusione

Mario Verdiani

The central theme of this exhibition is illusion, both induced and self-produced. It tells the condition of having potential (like wings) but not being able to exploit it, and being convinced of something that physical or moral circumstances prevent. The works include illusions such as the fabulous world of Alice that is not really a fairy tale, non-existent territories, and surreal situations such as seeking shelter from a storm. Some works are inspired by songs, maintaining the original titles.

Opening Saturday, July 13 at 6:00 PM


Born in Bornago (MI) in 1946, the artist attended the Steinerian school and moved to Sanremo, where he began to devote himself to art. He worked at the Klipper Art Studio and developed his style based on symbolic grids and cages. He opened a studio in Bussana Vecchia to create "wearable sculptures" in bronze, then in Bordighera. His work evolved from flat color to structural relief and finally to ceramics, where the grid gave way to fragmentation. His works, ironic, tragic, or dreamlike, originate from preliminary sketches and the automatism of gesture. He lives and works in Sanremo.

WHERE > Galleria dell'Accademia Balbo, Bordighera, via Lamboglia 3

WHEN > from 13 July 2024 to 21 July 2024

HOURS > 17.00 > 20.00

Contacts Ufficio di Informazione e Accoglienza Turistica IATVia Vittorio Emanuele 172, presso i Giardini del Palazzo del Parco